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Volunteer Opportunities

Why Volunteer?

Volunteers provide a valuable service to the nonprofits they serve. Most nonprofit organizations are short-staffed, and lack the resources they need to meet the need of their community.


Whether you're helping to hand out hot meals at a soup kitchen, volunteering at a hospital, or working with youth, your time and energy are valuable both to the clients and staff of the charity. Volunteering is also a great way to get involved in your community.


Where to Volunteer?

How do you find charities to volunteer with? There are over 1.3 million charities in the United States. Many are small community based nonprofits, and others work globally. 


GreatNonprofits reviews tell the stories of charities making a difference in your community. You can use reviews to learn more about local charities and find rewarding volunteer opportunities. If you're interested in volunteering overseas, many charities have volunteer programs abroad as well. How to find a charity to volunteer with:


1.) Search for a Charity

2.) Read Volunteer Reviews

Read reviews written by other volunteers to learn more about the volunteer experience with that charity

3.) Read Client & Donor Reviews

Read reviews written by clients, donors, and other stakeholders to learn what others think about the organization and what kinds of volunteer opportunities are available.

4.) Read About the Organization

Read the information the organization has entered on its nonprofit profile to learn more about the charity's programs, community service opportunities, and more.

5.) Contact an Organization

Find the organization's website and contact information on the nonprofit profile and get in touch to ask questions.

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Statistics on Volunteering


The Corporation for National and Community Service estimates that in 2010


  • 26.3 percent (or 62.8 million) Americans volunteered with a charity

  • The time donated by volunteers equaled 8.1 billion hours of service

  • The dollar value of volunteer service was nearly $173 billion

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