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Getting a Nonprofit Internship

Thinking About the Nonprofit Sector?
Thinking About the Nonprofit Sector?

Interested in finding a local charity where you and your friends can volunteer on the weekend? Or perhaps you’re a college student looking for a non-profit job or internship? Where can you get information about all the non-profit sector has to offer?


Get started by using the GreatNonprofits zip code search engine to find a top-rated non-profit near you. That’s just the beginning, though! Getting a job or internship in non-profits (or in any sector) can be quite a process, so here are a few tips for finding and landing your dream job.

How to Find Nonprofits by Using GreatNonprofits

1.) Search for a Charity

2.) Read Volunteer Reviews

Read reviews written by other volunteers to learn more about the volunteer experience with that charity

3.) Read Client & Donor Reviews

Read reviews written by clients, donors, and other stakeholders to learn what others think about the organization and what kinds of volunteer opportunities are available.

4.) Read About the Organization

Read the information the organization has entered on its nonprofit profile to learn more about the charity's programs, community service opportunities, and more.

5.) Contact an Organization

Find the organization's website and contact information on the nonprofit profile and get in touch to ask questions.

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