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Showcase Your Impact with Real-Time Reviews 

Gather inspiring reviews from your volunteers, clients, and donors. Share them with your team and your board, and use them in your marketing materials. You can invite them to review your nonprofit on our website via social media, or invite reviews via SMS.


Here are some sample invite templates you can use for social media and e-mail!

Social Media Requests for Volunteers, Clients Served & Board Members

Hey Volunteers! Share your volunteer experience. Write a review about us @GreatNonprofits. [INSERT YOUR PROFILE PAGE URL]


Did you know you can help [INSERT YOUR NONPROFIT NAME] by simply writing a review? Review us @GreatNonprofits today. [INSERT YOUR NONPROFIT PROFILE URL]



Social Media Requests for Volunteers, Clients Served & Board Members

Help us get a @GreatNonprofits Top-Rated Award, write a review of your experience with us! [INSERT YOUR PROFILE PAGE]



Nominate us for the @GreatNonprofits Top-Rated List. [INSERT YOUR NONPROFIT PROFILE URL]


Invite Reviews with Emails

Dear friend, if you love our work, then tell the world! Did you know that behind recommendations from friends and families that reviews impact volunteering and donating decisions?


Won’t you help us raise visibility for our work by posting a review of your experience on GreatNonprofits—a review site like Yelp, but for nonprofits? All reviews will be visible to potential donors and volunteers.


It’s easy and only takes three minutes! Go to [INSERT YOUR NONPROFIT PROFILE LINK HERE] to get started!


Invite Reviews with SMS

That’s right, now you can invite reviews using SMS! This is perfect to invite people to review you during live, in-person events or even post reviews on posters. Or use this when you’re meeting with clients directly.

It’s simple to get started. You just need the nonprofit's EIN number.


To Send an SMS Review 


  • Tap New Message on your Message app 

  • Enter the number (888) 432 - 6659

  • In the message field, enter the 9-digit EIN of the nonprofit you are writing about

  • Tap Send

  • Now you will be given three questions: a rating, your role, and a space to write comments

  • Your privacy is protected.  Your answers are anonymous and your phone number is never shown publicly.  

Reviews automatically show up on your profile page. Reviewers are designated as mobile users.


Why Use SMS?

  • Text reviews are automatically posted on and counted toward your community-sourced rating.

  • Hear firsthand from clients so that you can better meet their needs.

  • SMS ratings are simple for your clients, fast, and convenient. No Internet needed

Invite Clients to Submit a Review by Phone

  • For clients you serve:  Include the flyer in materials you give to your clients (i.e. information packets or grocery bags).

  • For volunteers or donors:  Hand out the flyer to your volunteers or donors after your volunteering or information event.

Click here to download a document you can edit and print out on Microsoft Word

Ideas for Collecting Reviews

Nonprofits have come up with some really creative ways to solicit reviews from their clients, volunteers, supporters and partners. Do you have an idea to share? Send it to us!

We have a volunteer e-newsletter and we highlight it every month. Just recently we made flyers that we put in our food pantry bags for a month. That got three client reviews and we offer technical assistance to people who couldn't do it. We should also have a laptop dedicated to GreatNonprofits. Put a note on every volunteer's computer - "after you finish your shift, please take 10 minutes to write a review".


Wendy from North Hills Community Center

We set up the website and while the kids are at school we encouraged them to go online and write reviews. A teacher was available to help with grammar.


Nicole from the Communities in Schools

Whenever students or parents ask us what can we do for you we ask them to write a review about us. Quite a few people ask " how can we give back" and you have to seize that moment.


Jeff from the Communities in School

We have a computer lab and students who wrote a review got a piece of chocolate.


We cast a very wide net and also sent out an email blast. We have a base of people who have volunteered, interned, Americorps, Americorps vista volunteers going back 25 years. I sent it to the board twice. We also have a council of agencies - people from 70 other nonprofits who partner with us (270 people who receive our email blast).


We promoted it at annual meeting in Nov, and followed up with email blast.


We also used it as our email tagline for 5 weeks at the bottom signature and also added link to our website for reading our reviews.


Dave from the Human Services Center

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