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#GivingTuesday Checklist

Use Stories To Show the Impact You Make. Highlight stories from your community in an email or on your social media to show how you’re making a difference. You’re more than welcome to use the stories from your GreatNonprofits page. Remember, great stories are often personal, emotional, and contain visuals.

Display Your Top-Rated Badge. Wear your impact loud and proud! Including the GreatNonprofits Top-Rated Badge on your website shows your supporters how awesome you really are.

Be Specific. Find something your organization needs money for and broadcast that to your supporters. Donors like to know exactly where they’re putting their money.

Find a Match (or Multiple). Ask your board, funders, parents, friends, and corporate partners if they’ll match your donations for the big day. Not only does matching double your donations, but it also makes supporters more likely to give!

Email, E-Mail, EMAIL. It’s OK to email your supporters more than once on Giving Tuesday. Start with an email in the morning to announce your Giving Tuesday goal and any matching programs you secured. Send a second email in the afternoon to update supporters on your progress and encourage them to continue donating and to share your campaign. Close it out with an email in the evening to share what you raised and to thank everyone for their help! Check out our email templates for guidance.

Social Media. There’s no such thing as oversaturation when it comes to #GivingTuesday social media! Post every hour with a detail about your organization, a story from your GreatNonprofits profile, or an update on your fundraising progress. Check out our social media templates for guidance.

Branding. Incorporate the #GivingTuesday design into your existing logos and promotional materials. Make sure to include the hashtag on all of your emails, social media posts, and other reach-outs.

Make Donating Simple. Your “Donate” button should catch someone’s eye immediately so that your supporters won’t spend too much time searching for it. Make things easy by streamlining the donation process so that it only takes a few clicks to complete.

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