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With GreatNonprofits, Lady Freethinker grows its community to 1M+ activists


Founded in 2013, Lady Freethinker is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to animal rights. What began as a personal blog by lifelong animal activist Nina Jackel quickly became a dynamic organization focused on building a more compassionate world. Using the power of the media to educate her audience, Jackel created opportunities for impact, developing petitions that have changed laws and policies.


Today, a primary goal of the organization is to make it possible for anyone to take simple actions to help animals, making a difference with a single click. Key initiatives of Lady Freethinker include:

  • Petitions to combat animal cruelty

  • Undercover investigations into abusive practices

  • Providing aid to animals in dire situations

  • Educating the public through outreach and news stories

Through its work, Lady Freethinker has collected over 20 million signatures and gained upwards of one million supporters.

The Need

With a background in journalism and nonprofit advocacy, Jackel had a strong foundation for her outreach organization, but needed a way to harness the potential of user reviews as the nonprofit gained traction. Enter GreatNonprofits. By claiming their profile on the GreatNonprofits website and encouraging supporters to write reviews, Lady Freethinker was able to gain credibility as a new organization. Furthermore, they were able to use the reviews as a marketing tool, allowing for increased, expedited outreach.

“GreatNonprofits was like wings beneath us when we were working to grow
the Lady Freethinker community. It’s been essential for helping our supporters to unite in a compassionate way."

- Janel DePew, Community Engagement Specialist at Lady Freethinker

The Opportunity

GreatNonprofits provided Lady Freethinker with a way to gather reviews from supporters in an authentic way. For a nonprofit dedicated to creating policy change through citizen petitions, building a trusted network of supporters was vitally important. Furthermore, the visibility resulting from these reviews enabled Lady Freethinker to build a more robust community of partner organizations and activists to provide lifesaving services for animals across the globe.

The Outcome

Lady Freethinker has received nearly 2,700 reviews and 22,900 page views on GreatNonprofits over the past five years. This tremendous growth has contributed to 500,000 active supporters with 45,000 donors.

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